Using LED street lights to estimate that the world’s top 12 cities can save 85% of energy

Residents of cities adopting the trial scheme stated that LED street lamps made people feel safer and improved visibility. Currently, lighting accounts for about 19% of the world's electricity consumption. If the global lighting system efficiency is double that of the current one, it can be said that This is equivalent to removing half of the electricity and heat from Europe. A recent global independent experiment has been set up. LED street lights can save up to 85% of energy. The test results also show that residents of the pilot cities tend to use LED street lights or street lights, and they hope to be able to lay more to achieve environmental benefits.

This two-and-a-half-year global plan tested LED street lights in twelve cities including New York, English London, and Calcutta, India. The LED street lights were used to investigate the use ratio of LED street lights and install LED street lights. The impact on the city.

The expansion of the use of street LED street lights is part of the policies that will be implemented at the Rio+20 UN Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum, an international sustainable energy forum. It is also one of Philips' partnerships with the Climate Change Group at The Climate Group.

Less than 1% failure rate of LED lights using more than 6000 hours

According to surveys, 66% to 90% of respondents in Calcutta, London, Sydney and Toronto expressed their support for the wide deployment of LED street lights in cities, as this can improve visibility and safety.

Both the Climate Group and Philips are calling for the establishment of a set of high-emission carbon dioxide standards for bulbs internationally, and ensuring that citizens around the world can effectively use outdoor lighting.

Mark Kenber, CEO of the Climate Group, said that the share of LED lighting and light sources in the global cities will inevitably increase. All public lamps, street lamps and lamps for public buildings should be replaced with LED lights, and the target is set in 2020. All Public lighting uses LED light sources. The agency will recruit a leadership team in cities, states, and national governments to work hard to implement this policy.

Philips Lighting's director of global public and government affairs pointed out that the full conversion to the benefits of the latest energy-efficient LED lights not only includes energy savings, reduces CO2 emissions, but also translates the city's environment better. We believe that the complete implementation of LED lights can create an environment that is suitable for the people, passengers, living and traveling.

An Indian owner also stated that the benefits of using LED lighting for residents are obvious. These white lights make his company no longer shelter under the streetlights every afternoon. Now buyers can clearly distinguish between green and blue. As a result, the turnover has increased a lot.

LEDinside believes that this kind of research shows that the practicality of LED street lamps has been established, and it is hoped that there will be more public works in various countries using LED street lamps or LED light sources.

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