Want to use voice to control traditional appliances? Better to see this stuff

At present, home automation systems and IoT devices are still in a relatively frontier state, including closed ecosystems and personal smart devices. But like other traditional electricity, there is no automation or intelligence, such as light bulbs, if it is integrated into the Internet of Things platform?

At present, the British entrepreneur Mark van der Spuy hopes to fill the blank of this automation market through a platform called Vome voice, and it can control all appliances through voice control and a simple socket.

Vome can be integrated into Apple HomeKit or Siri to control heating, lighting and coffee machines. Vome includes four universal plug modules that can power various appliances and are intelligent and can be controlled centrally.

Although Vome does not seem to be a breakthrough technology, it allows many traditional appliances to understand our commands. Of course, Vome's current limitations are not suitable for traditional appliances that have more complicated operations besides simple opening and closing.

The Vome system is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding price starts at £65 (approximately RMB 565). If everything goes well, it is expected to ship in October 2016. Interested friends can come and enjoy the introduction video first. .

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