What does 4K TV mean?

At the just-concluded 2015CES show, 4K TVs continued their glory last year. Major TV manufacturers rushed to launch their latest 4K TVs, and as a result, people in the industry said that the 4K era has arrived. However, from the user's point of view, this is simply a paradox. Many friends still do not know what 4K TV means? Where did the 4K era come from. Friends, now that you don’t know much about 4K TVs, quickly go with the author to see what is 4K TV.

What does 4K TV mean?

Some people say that the 4K TV is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV with a resolution of 38402160 (4K2K) and a resolution of 4 times that of a full HD (FullHD, 1920×1080 resolution) TV. In fact, this statement is not correct.

Strictly speaking, 4K TV resolution refers to a TV set with a resolution of 4,096,260. As many TV manufacturers and media have called Ultra HD TVs as 4K TVs, gradually, 4K TVs and Ultra HDTVs are drawn. The equal sign, but we must know that this is two different concepts. Based on the above reasons, in the domestic market, 4K TV refers to a TV with a resolution of 38402160.

Pixel comparison

What is the resolution of the TV?

The pixel resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen. The higher the resolution, the greater the number of pixels, and the more precise the sensed image, it is like a mobile phone or a camera. The more pixels there are, the better the picture is taken. With the same screen size, the higher the resolution, the finer and more detailed the display.

For a screen with a resolution of 38402160, that is, each horizontal line contains 3840 pixels and there are 2160 lines, that is, the number of scanning columns is 3840 columns and the number of rows is 2160 lines. The total number of pixels = 38402160, about 800 million.

What are the advantages and benefits of 4K TV?

1, the picture quality is complete. The horizontal and vertical pixels of the 4K UHDTV are twice as high as the Full HD 1080P TV, and the resolution is 4 times that of the Full HD TV. It can make up for the loss of 3D resolution and make every detail of the picture perfectly visible. More delicate and clear, even the fibrous pores of the face can be seen very clearly.

4K technology shooting

2, the same distance, larger size. When watching a high-definition television at a certain distance, if the screen is too large, the human eye will see the pixels and form a grainy appearance. Looking at the 4K ultra high definition television at the same distance, the human eye will not see the pixels, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful view of the big picture at a closer distance. 4K Ultra HD shortens the viewing distance by half. Your vision is completely occupied by the TV screen and takes you to an immersive entertainment experience.

3, compatible with 1080P full HD film source. Through intelligent calculations, 4K TVs can compensate for image tracking on the space axis plane, inserting four pixels around each pixel point, accurately restoring line and field information in the horizontal and vertical directions, and increasing the amplitude to 70%, enabling the full HD picture to be achieved. Approx 4K Ultra HD display effect. The HDTV channel 1080i is enhanced by 2.89 times resolution through the set-top box.

How about 4K TV prices

With the maturity and popularity of 4K TV technology, the price of 4K TVs has dropped dramatically, and an ordinary 4K TV set will cost 4,000-5,000 yuan.

Here I give you recommend several current best-selling, relatively inexpensive 4K TV.

1. Skyworth 4K TV

1) Skyworth LED 55E8EUS Price: 4998 yuan (Jingdong)

2) Skyworth LED 50E8EUS Price: 4399 yuan

Skyworth 4K TV is one of the more popular 4K TV brands in China, and the above two Skyworth 4K TVs are currently the best-selling, at least in JD.

2, Sony

1), Sony KD-55X8500B Price: 10999 yuan

2), Sony KD-49X8500B Price: 7799 yuan

Sony 4K TV is taking the tallest route in China's domestic market. Generally, the price is relatively high. The cheapest Sony 49-inch 4K TV also requires more than 7,000 yuan.

3, Samsung

1) Samsung UA40HU5920JXXZ Price: 3599 yuan

2), Samsung UA48HU5920JXXZ Price: 5199 yuan

3) Samsung UA55HU6008JXXZ Price: 7299 yuan

Samsung 4K TV is the favorite foreign brand for users in China's domestic market. There is no one, and its products are not only relatively cheap, but also international brands. The quality of TV is excellent, and many high-tech technologies are used.

4, Hisense

1), Hisense LED42E1UA Price: 2999 yuan

2), Hisense LED50EC590UN Price: 4599 yuan

3), Hisense LED58E1UA Price: 5889 yuan

Hisense 4K TV sales in the domestic market is also good, price, quality, operation are more good, but in this regard, lack of service, lack of effective supervision, may not be processed.

In addition to the above several 4K TV brands, millet TV 2, LeTV X50 Air, these two 4K TVs are favored by TV users, the former configuration is excellent, price concessions (less than 4,000 yuan); the latter 4K sources rich ( Content should be charged. Interested friends can learn more about it.

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