What is the function of the millet TV? Need a network?

Q: What function does Xiaomi TV have? Need a network?

What is the function of the millet TV? Need a network? After the launch of this aircraft, many friends have asked this question on the Internet, and it is now getting closer to the market for the millet TV engineering machine. In order to let everyone have a better understanding of the aircraft before the purchase, the following small Edited to tell you what the function of millet TV, interested friends can come to understand.

What is the function of millet TV?
What is the function of millet TV?

What is the function of the millet TV? So far, Xiaomi TV has integrated local play, online play, MIDI functions, application games, and audiovisual experience for everyone. The following Xiao Bian has introduced it to everyone.

First, play online

Millet TV can play 300,000 hours of CCTV genuine online through the "China Internet TV" integrated broadcast control platform operated by Future Television Co., Ltd. (ICNTV), including the latest and hottest movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animations, etc., but also Chasing drama function.

Second, local playback

Users can connect U disk or mobile hard disk through OTG cable to play HD video of almost all formats on the market, such as MKV, TS, FLV, AVI, VOB, MOV, WMV, MP4, RMVB, while also perfectly supporting Blu-ray HD and 3D. video.

Third, the meter function

MiLiang function is an exclusive function of Xiaomi TV, compatible with Airplay, DLNA, Miracast. You can use Miriam's mobile phone, iPhone, iPad and computer pictures, video and Sohu video, Tencent video, PPTV and other applications of wireless content. Projected on the TV, while everyone can also use the millet phone as a remote control.

Fourth, application games

There are a lot of application games pre-built on the TV. Everyone can enjoy a rich experience of the game while experiencing the immersive experience.

V. Audiovisual experience

Millet TV has both Dolby and DTS audio on the market today, giving people a great listening experience.

Millet TV needs a network

Millet TV needs network? Everyone can use the millet TV to turn on the network, but the machine supports local video playback, even without a network.

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