Which of the 2118 yuan smart lights do you buy?

According to Tencent Digital Report, we have seen many smart lighting systems with geek characteristics in the past few years , and now there is a smart light called Fluxo on Kickstarter. Its biggest highlight is that it can pass intelligence. The mobile app controls the direction of the light, which is the real meaning.

The Fluxo Smart Light is the first device that can control the direction of light from internal sensors through an iOS or Android device app. In dimly lit rooms, the concentration of light is sometimes more important to our work. Flux, on the other hand, prevents us from being stunned by direct or too bright light, creating a very soft environment by indirectly illuminating the ceiling.

Fluxo's installation is also very simple, it can replace any original lighting source, and provides a variety of color lighting color combinations, allowing us to use different colors of light in different moods.

Fluxo is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with a crowdfunding price of 299 euros (about 2,118 yuan). If all goes well, it is expected to ship in August 2016.

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