Jiangxi Nanchang strives for 2020 LED-related output va…

On August 28th, Jiangxi Province held a semiconductor lighting (LED) industry cooperation promotion meeting. Hundreds of experts, scholars and business representatives studied the development of the LED industry and established the “Jiangxi Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance”. In-----

Philips pushes three new autumn products to seize marke…

Philips Lighting has begun to lay out new products in the fall, and launched three series of sea king, fashion, LED lights, to seize market opportunities. The Philips Neptune series is available in both chandeliers and wall lights. The Living White energy-saving light source is used. The light is -----

Special offer promotion only 1599 Kelon air conditionin…

With the arrival of cold air-conditioning, the price of air-conditioning products on the store also has a large space for decline, and in the sales season in August, major brands will launch a low-cost machine to attract the attention of users to gather popularity. Kelon has launched a 150-----

Design of LED Street Light Energy Saving Control System…

0 Preface China's urban lighting has been rapidly developed along with the acceleration of China's urbanization process. However, the energy demand and consumption in the development of urban lighting is also increasing. In general, green lighting work still has p-----

TV News Daily News: Ultra HD resolution advantages

UHDTV is an abbreviation of Ultra High Definition Television. It stands for "Ultra High Definition Television" and is the next generation of HDTV technology. In May of this year, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued a proposal for "Ultra High Definition Te-----

Split screen display + virtual dial technology analysis

In today's luxury sedan field, forward-looking technology configuration has become an indispensable requirement. Among them, DVD screen has become a configuration that more and more people choose. It not only combines the practical functions of navigation and reversing images, but also adds F-----

Take you to know TI's DSP entry chip TMS320F28335

As an electronic hardware engineer, how can I not understand DSP, or some of our students have not understood the DSP a lot. Let us introduce a DSP entry chip today, from TI's TMS320F28335. I believe that I have seen the contents of this series, and everyone will have a pr-----