Lyft's hitting faucet Uber has finally paid off!

According to data obtained by The InformaTIon, a US technology website, Lyft's loss last year reached $600 million in order to compete with the head of the taxi application Uber. While Lyft's losses look amazing, Lyft's business is moving in the right direction: t-----

Hongli Zhihui: LED + car network dual main business lay…

On January 5-6, 2017, the 2016 Gaogong LED Annual Meeting and Golden Globe Awards Ceremony and the 10th Anniversary of High-Industry Research and Development (2006-2016) hosted by Gaogong LED The celebration was held in Shenzhen. On the afternoon of January 6th, at the closing ceremony of "Th-----

Cooperation with uSens EPSON AR glasses support Fingo g…

â–¼ Cooperation with uSens Epson AR Glasses Support Fingo Gesture Interaction from Baidu VR Silicon Valley company uSens, which specializes in AR VR interaction solutions, announced at CES that it will cooperate with Epson Epson, the global technology leader. Its new -----

New acoustic sensor monitors health index

A new type of acoustic sensor that sticks to the skin like a small band-aid can monitor your heartbeat and other health indexes, the researchers said. This sensor will one day provide a way to easily and wirelessly track a person's health. The patch, which weighs less tha-----

The new 2017 LG TV will carry MPEG-H software licensed …

In early 2017, LG will deliver a brand-new TV equipped with an MPEG-H TV audio system. The next-generation broadcast television audio technology MPEG-H was developed by Fraunhofer IIS, a world-renowned audio technology research organization. Fraunhofer IIS will preview the s-----

What are the tips for buying a smart TV? Xiao Bian teac…

After New Year's Day, it was the traditional spring festival of our country. At this time, the netizens were all preparing for the 2017 Universiade - Spring Festival. The ticket grabs and prepares the New Year's goods for the Spring Festival. In any case, there is no-----

What is the flexibility of industrial robots?

With the rapid development of the robot industry, industrial robots have been widely used in various industries, from material handling to machine maintenance, from welding to cutting, from assembly to spraying, we have found that these industrial robots have different shapes and different functiona-----