Engineer must know the FPGA pin signal distribution pri…

Today's FPGAs are becoming more and more complex, and the task of allocating signals to pins has been simple and now quite complex. The following guidelines for assigning signals to multipurpose pins help designers to consider signal assignments in advance and reduce the n-----

The global LED industry is changing, and the output val…

China has robbed the low-end LED lighting market. The latest announcement of the "LED lighting" output value in Taiwan has increased by 14.8% in the first three quarters. Although it still has double-digit growth, the growth rate has decreased by nearly 8 percentage points compared with l-----

Strong eight-core, box king! Huishibao M9 shocked!

At the beginning of 2016, a series of 64-bit chip boxes, represented by Jing Chen S905, appeared on the market of network players, which occupies a certain market share due to its low power consumption, high performance, and high cost performance. After that, Jing Chen intr-----

Ali YunOS will be super iOS, becoming the second larges…

On November 29th, according to foreign media reports, by the end of this year, the load of Ali YunOS system in the mainland China smartphone market will surpass Apple's iOS system and leap to the second place. Meizu, Xiaojiao and Duowei are the three major mobile phone sup-----

New PCB board debugging method sharing

For a newly designed circuit board, debugging often encounters some difficulties, especially when the board is large and there are many components, it is often impossible to start. But if you master a reasonable set of debugging methods, debugging will be more effective. For t-----

Skyworth 55-inch G7 Chinese Dream Series Super Clear TV…

In 2016, Skyworth integrated R&D, manufacturing and supply chain with the best resources. Upholding the craftsman spirit, Skyworth launched its flagship series of new products, G7. Skyworth named it the “China Dream” series. Skyworth G7 is using 4-color HDR -----

All-metal slim design whale TV 2 55 inch figure tour

In August last year, Microwhale launched its first Internet TV, the WTV55K1J. The microwhale TV family continued to grow and expand in more than a year, basically completing full coverage from 43 to 78 inches, and as the main 55 inch. After experiencing the upgraded model o-----