The original innovator # set foot on the bus, since the…

Embark on a bus ride. Since then, my hometown has only been winter, and I haven’t seen the true portrayal of every migrant worker entering the city during the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. It’s true that I am a child from the village. Just like aunt deep-----

Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau randomly checked 19…

According to the official website of Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau on the 19th, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted a supervision and spot check on the self-ballasted LED lamp products for general lighting produced and sold in this city. -----

Popular type robot design collection

Robots have been around for decades, and the definition of robots is still benevolent, wise see wisdom, and there is no unified opinion. One of the reasons is that robots are still developing, new models, and new features are constantly emerging. Perhaps it is because of the a-----

Huawei Mate 9 full exposure Leica dual lens 3199 yuan f…

Tencent Digital (Blue) As Huawei's upcoming flagship product, Huawei Mate 9 has been rumors on the Internet. Now, not only have netizens exposed the so-called Huawei Mate 9 renderings on Weibo, but hinted that the aircraft will be released on November 18th, and Huaweiâ-----

This futuristic wireless headset is like your second pa…

Tencent digital news (Gao Xiang) iPhone 7 listed so that wireless headphones completely fire, many of my friends want to lose the hands of wired headphones. Pure wireless headset design is indeed the future trend. Today we look at a very unique one, this is Sound. Var rela-----

Philips OLED smart TV God casts new flagship

Tasting the future, see nothing. Philips 9 Series latest flagship model, Philips OLED surface 65POD901C/T3 smart TV. After five years, the return of the King, interpretation of the ultimate color of life, invite you to celebrate the grand event! September 15, 2016-October 1-----

Taiwan’s U.S. electronics products LED occupy third

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Taiwan region recently stated that in the US import market for electronic products (Note), Taiwan accounted for US$6.56 billion in 2015, accounting for 6.8%, ranking fourth, second only to China (29.8%) and Mexico (19.1%). ) and Malaysia (14.5%), hig-----