Performance loss Lianchuang Opto-Electrical Scatter Co.…

On March 7, Lianchuang Optoelectronics (600363) announced the evening announcement that the 20th meeting of the sixth board of directors of the company reviewed and approved the “Proposal on Dissolving and Clearing Jiangxi Lianchuang Beijing Photoelectric Co., Ltd.” to safeguard shareho-----

One week of dynamics this week you have to know the big…

As a new type of industry supported by the state, LED has naturally become a hot spot in the two conferences. In the two sessions of 2016, the discussion on the LED industry was particularly lively, and representatives from various local people's congresses made suggestions. Market trend 1. W-----

New sensor can be embedded in mobile phone OLED display

Sonavation announced a new technology that embeds an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor into the phone's O led display . By using this solution, handset manufacturers can zoom in on the display area in which the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is mounted, eliminating the need to install a separate fin-----

The old saying goes: forming a basic sharing of private…

[Home Theater Network] Nowadays, a private home theater is set up, and more and more friends are enjoying high-definition movies at home. The establishment of a private home theater is a systematic project. In terms of equipment selection, if there is not enough prof-----

A single power supply can control multiple loops

In the power conditioning process, although there are some problems in controlling multiple loops at the same time, if we can understand the constraints of the system, we can come up with a feasible strategy. In my career, most of the power supplies I designed have a fixed ad-----

Leite Technology: 2015 net profit growth of over 60%

On February 29th, Smart Lighting's first Leite Technology (stock code: 832110) released its 2015 annual report. According to the report, in 2015, Leite Technology achieved operating income of RMB 40.76 million, a year-on-year increase of 41.43%, and a net profit of RMB 161.556 million, a year-o-----

Introduction to the working principle and system of ele…

V2G is the abbreviation of Vehicle-to-grid. Its core idea is: the interaction between electric vehicles and the power grid, using the energy storage of a large number of electric vehicles as a buffer for the grid and renewable energy. When the grid load is too high, the electr-----