Analysis of the characteristics of LED exhibition in the southern region

The rapid development of the LED industry has led to frequent LED exhibitions. In June, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair still had a surplus temperature, and it ushered in a new exhibition event. But do LED manufacturers need to participate in every exhibition? We take the exhibition in the south of China as an example to analyze it, so as to refer to the LED manufacturers.

In the southern region, many exhibitions of different sizes are held every year, and the most active province is Guangdong, because it is the earliest area for the development of the LED industry in mainland China, and it is also a relatively mature province. As far as this year is concerned, it is the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in June and the 14th China International Optoelectronic Expo in Shenzhen in September.

There is no doubt that these two exhibitions can be called the LED industry event, it has attracted the participation of many well-known manufacturers and professional buyers from China and abroad. But compared with the northern China and international exhibitions, what characteristics and advantages does the exhibition in Guangdong show, and which shortcomings still need to be further improved?

North-South pattern

As a rising star in the LED industry, LED in northern China has also experienced rapid development in the past two years. The support of the government and the commissioning of large factories have also promoted the establishment of LED industry alliances around the world, and the exhibition has also emerged. But looking at the exhibitions in the northern region in recent years, it is not difficult to find that whether it is the number of times held, the scale, or the comprehensiveness of the products in the exhibition, it is still slightly inferior to the Guangzhou region. After all, the development of the LED industry in the northern region is relatively Slower.

In the southern region, especially in Guangdong Province, the distribution of LED companies is relatively intensive and the development is relatively mature. Exhibitors and buyers have greater demand for the exhibition, which has led to several exhibitions held every year, and their scale is relatively large. The number of exhibitors is also relatively large. Taking this year's Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition as an example, in terms of scale, although the number of exhibitors this year has decreased compared to last year, the area of ​​participation is the largest in history, and it has attracted more than 100,000 domestic and foreign participants. International brands and Asian manufacturers are gathering together. From the perspective of the products on display, its performance is more complete and its quality is more improved. The important thing is that the proportion of localization has increased. The company's research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities have begun to highlight, and it also pays more attention to the differentiation of enterprise products. In addition, the purchasing personnel participating in the exhibition are more professional. However, compared with the enthusiasm and character of the northerners, the exhibitions in the south appear a bit "indifferent". Due to the large number of LED companies in the southern region and the long development time, the prices of similar products between the companies are not much different, and the transparency is also relatively low. High, so the chance of closing a deal at the show is reduced.

Overall, with the increase and development of LED companies in various regions, the exhibition in the north is also being further improved. The southern LED exhibition has formed its own unique characteristics and regional scale, but when the "software" is already available, it still needs " "Hardware" improvement, that is to improve the company's research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities, to win with the quality of products, only enough quality assurance can attract more buyers, and can increase the turnover rate in the exhibition.

Compared with international exhibitions

Compared with the international LED exhibition, due to the proximity principle of exhibitors and the difference between domestic and foreign enterprise products, the Guangzhou exhibition does not attract more international famous companies like the international exhibition, but also has its own charm and characteristics.

First of all, it is reflected in the products. At the exhibition, the products displayed by various companies highlight their uniqueness and innovation. They no longer imitate and copy the products of large international companies. This development concept and practice itself demonstrates the progress of domestic companies. Highlighted the importance of R & D capabilities.

Secondly, the performance of the product is also more improved. At the Shenzhen Optical Expo in September, the P1.9 high-definition LED display of Guangzhou Sixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. attracted many exhibitors to stop. Its pixel pitch was 1.9mm, and the minimum viewing distance was 1 meter. The realization of no chromatic aberration within a wide viewing angle, this feature was not seen in the previous exhibition, and it also shows that the company has paid more attention to the new energy of the product in the production process.

In addition, the increase in LED lighting products at the exhibition also shows that mainland manufacturers are closely following the market trend of the international LED industry, gradually integrating themselves into the track of international development, which also shows the maturity of domestic enterprises.

Although mainland companies have made great changes in all aspects, this year's Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition has exposed some problems, such as the relatively conservative design of LED bulbs and weak patent protection awareness. Perhaps these still need to learn from international manufacturers.

Therefore, by comparing and contrasting the Guangzhou exhibition with the northern region and international exhibitions, we remind manufacturers that they do not have to participate in each of the many exhibitions each year, but choose on the basis of the principle of proximity, choose a larger scale and professional Exhibitions that are more targeted and targeted, and for exhibitions in remote areas, such as exhibitions in the northern region and internationally, you can choose valuable ones that meet the product positioning of the enterprise. Blind and unwilling to participate in the event will increase the cost and result Also very low.

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