Tesla ModelS covers high-precision positioning systems and takes time

Musk sought the public's new force in manufacturing and called on these mechanics to help Tesla to achieve the goal of producing 1 million electric vehicles per year by 2020. The shortage of mechanics has been a long-standing problem, while Google, Apple, Ford, GM and Toyota are all fighting for the same potential employees. Young mechanics will desperately seize the opportunity to enter Tesla, and recruiting senior mechanics from traditional car manufacturers can also speed up the process, but the key obstacle is the high cost of living in Silicon Valley. Tesla has always been known for challenging design and technical limits, but it is also awkward in manufacturing issues. Compared with the burning of Tesla, traditional car manufacturers have more manpower and financial resources.

Tesla Model S has a serious car accident: flying 25 meters

Tesla ModelS covers high-precision positioning systems and takes time

Recently, a Tesla Model S suffered a serious traffic accident in Germany. When the car turned out, it flew 25 meters out of control. The body rolled for at least one week after the impact. The front of the car was seriously damaged. Fortunately, the five passengers on the car. Nothing serious. Coincidentally, in April this year, also in Germany, a Tesla Model S crashed on the highway from Abensberg to Siegburg and hit the guardrail. Fortunately, the driver was only slightly injured and was not in danger. I have to say that Tesla's safety is worthy of praise. Musk first commented on the impact buffer design of the car: "It's like jumping into a swimming pool from a high platform - you will want it to be deep enough and not Will fall on the rock."

High-precision positioning system for automatic driving

Tesla ModelS covers high-precision positioning systems and takes time

The Southwest Research Institute of the United States demonstrated the Ranger high-precision positioning system solution. Ranger is a patented vehicle positioning technology that provides highly accurate navigation information for autonomous vehicles through commercial hardware and specially designed algorithms from Southwest Research Institute. The kit is used in areas such as autonomous driving systems, valet parking, freight distribution, bus or heavy truck docking. The Ranger high-precision positioning system is smaller in size, faster in operation, more stable in operation, and lower in cost. It uses a tilted image head and positioning algorithm to provide accurate position and orientation measurement data, collects special texture features of the road surface, and compares it with the surface feature database to match the position of the stored map.

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