These factors determine the price and life of LED buried lights

Research on waterproof problem of LED underground light

At first, it was believed that the LED buried lamp does not need to be IP68 rated waterproof, because it is not as long as the LED underwater light in the underwater environment and under the pressure of water. But in fact, LED buried lights need to solve the waterproof problem. In practical applications, LED buried lights are now on the ground or in the soil, in addition to dealing with rainy days or water immersion, but also to deal with the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

Several aspects to solve the problem of buried lamp waterproofing

To solve the waterproof problem of LED buried lights, we must start from several aspects.

1. Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing is a common choice, and the die-cast aluminum housing is waterproof. However, due to the different casting methods, the outer shell is dense and dense (molecular density) is different. When the outer shell is soaked to a certain extent, the water will not cause water molecules to immerse in a short period of time. However, when the lamp envelope is buried in the soil for a long time under the influence of the hot and cold suction force, the water will slowly infiltrate into the lamp housing. Therefore, we recommend a thickness of the outer casing of more than 2.5mm and die-cast with a sufficient die casting machine.

2. Glass surface: Tempered glass is the best choice, and the thickness should not be too thin. Avoid the breakage of water due to the stress of thermal expansion and contraction and the knocking of foreign objects.

3. Heat dissipation and ventilation: The LED buried lamp has high heat and needs good heat dissipation and ventilation. It avoids the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lamp is too large, water vapor appears, and the sudden cooling heat causes the bad lamp. The direct or indirect contact area of ​​the lamp housing with the LED is more than 80%, and an air respirator or a heat sink may be added.

4. Pre-embedded parts: The embedded parts should be as high as possible, and enough water will be immersed in the lamp body.

5. Glue: The glue is filled under the lamp body, and the thermal silica gel is filled on the lamp body.

6. It is also possible to add a desiccant.

LED buried light load bearing

The overall quality of LED buried lights is really a ring, we say that the waterproofing of LED buried lights is a key issue, this is true. However, LED buried lights should also consider a bearing problem. This is not good. Even if the waterproof heat is done well, it will be greatly reduced.

I once saw it on the Internet. Someone stepped on the LED buried light in the park, and then heard a bang, the glass on the surface of the lamp cracked.

The outer casing of the LED buried lamp is die-cast aluminum, which is relatively thick, has good pressure resistance, and the surface is also tempered glass, so that it can withstand the weight pressure of people and even automobiles.

There are more problems here, glass, we require that the surface pressure reaches 8T or more. There are some poor quality LED buried lights, which use relatively thin tempered glass, and even some are ordinary glass, which is of course easy to cause problems. Once the glass bursts, water seepage will occur, causing damage to the luminaire.

Finally, LED buried lights are low voltage and are not recommended for high voltage. Of course, the high voltage is cheap and convenient in front of the picture, direct 220V voltage, saving the power adapter. It's cheaper. Why don't manufacturers do it? We know that low voltage is for safety, and even if there is leakage, it will not cause great harm to people. LED buried lights are installed on the outdoor ground. The environmental conditions are more complicated. It is inevitable that the quality will be in contact with people many times, especially in rainy days, or there is water. If it is high pressure, the danger will be great.

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