Multi-socket charger with LED light

Use only one tool to illuminate and charge your iPod, mobile phone and other electronic devices? This innovative design called "MultiPot" can do it. It has been hailed as "must-have product" by Wallpaper magazine (home magazine). It is a new generation of lighting equipment. The multi-function electric lamp combines a led light with a plurality of sockets, and the bottle body also has a space for arranging and arranging wires.

“MultiPot” makes people's work and home life more comfortable, not only caters to people's old and new needs, but also meets the habit of transferring personal items such as keys in their pockets to appropriate containers. In terms of appearance, its design is familiar, but its lighting function is translucent and polished, which fully reflects the elegant functionality. The built-in LED light can act as a soft light source in a dark room or illuminate a charged phone at night. The “MultiPot” emits a soft light with a single push of the button on the lid.

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