2014 conjecture: wearable devices drive the era of evolutionary giants to change

I think everyone remembers that in the days when Apple’s stock hit a record high of $700, the media’s overwhelming coverage made Apple’s eyeballs, but the full moon was full, the water was full, and the evolution of history could not make the giant apple a People sing a one-man show, on February 7, Cook said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that Apple has stopped growing in North America.

If you look at the market value, Apple is undoubtedly the boss, but the position of Apple boss is not so stable. Advances in technology and the rise of wearable devices have had an incalculable impact on giant apples. The track of history tells us that the era has evolved like this, that traditional companies are withdrawing, that a new generation of companies is entering, and everything seems to be taken for granted.

The role of technology in economic development is becoming increasingly important, and technology companies are transforming a range of traditional industries, such as retail and finance, to become the most critical players in the global economy. Google went public in 2004, 84 years later than Exxon Mobil. However, the trend of consumers moving to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is benefiting Google.

Google has become the world's largest online advertising company through search engine business. Google maintains a leading position in the online advertising market. According to eMarketer, Google's share of the US digital advertising market will reach 41% this year, while Facebook ranked second is only 8.2. %. In the US stock market trading on Friday, Google’s market value once exceeded Exxon Mobil. As of Friday's close, Google's market capitalization was $395.4 billion, while ExxonMobil was $395.7 billion. In contrast, Apple's market capitalization is $463.5 billion. Microsoft ranked fourth with a market capitalization of $303.5 billion.

In 2014, the technology industry was still dominated by three companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft. Although they compete directly and indirectly in different areas, each company has its own distinct financial characteristics. The best way to understand the difference between the three technology giants is to read the detailed financial reports they submit each quarter. Through the quarterly earnings reports they submitted, the technology industry began to change two years ago. Google is trying to diversify its hardware by acquiring Motorola Mobility; Microsoft has announced its goal to transform into a device and services company; Apple still proves itself to be a successful hardware company.

It is unforgettable that in today's smart phone market, Apple's mobile phone and mobile phone products equipped with the Android operating system can be described as equal shares. However, since the beginning of Android, there have been many predictions in the industry that have begun to warn Apple, saying that Apple will lose to Android in the competition in the smart phone field, just as Apple lost the PC battle with Microsoft Windows.

In recent years, Google is entering mobile software, optical networking and entertainment, as well as investing in long-term projects such as driverless cars, robots and balloon-based wireless network services. Especially since the CES before the Spring Festival, smart homes and wearable smart devices have become hot topics in the scientific community. As a giant in the technology industry, Google has been acquiring a series of smart hardware and robot companies since last year. In contrast, Apple is still focusing on the iPhone and iPad. Of course, for the smart watch and smart car market with relatively high market potential, Apple has already taken action. For the early intelligent hardware, wearable devices and smart home products, Apple will make more patents and technical reserves, which will not be easy. Launched a terminal product. It is reported that in terms of smart watches, Apple has hundreds of people in the research and development around the clock, is expected to be released within 1-2 years.

Big guess in 2014: Wearable devices drive the evolution of the times Giants change

Wearables hot Google glasses to capture the New York Police Department

According to foreign media reports, the New York Police Department is currently testing Google Glass in patrol missions, and will be identified in the future with features such as face recognition. Google said it has not cooperated with law enforcement. In the group chat conversation of Venture Beat, “a small number of New York City law enforcement officers” have tried to wear this device. Obviously, the police official still does not want to use it officially. It is only for these police officers to wear and experience “how to work”.

“As a long-term focus on how technology can play a bigger role in the work, the New York City Police Department regularly conducts discussions on how various devices, programs, and other consumer electronics products can play a role in the public service arena.” Stephen Davis, deputy director of the Municipal Police Department, said in a statement.

“In December 2013, we began to evaluate Google’s Google Glass devices and used them to determine which applications are working,” said Deputy Director Davis. "These Google Glass are not officially put into use at the moment, but rather the use of some police officers to discuss how they can be integrated into existing technologies and functions."

According to the group's chat history, the police have already purchased several Google glasses through Google's "Glass Explorer" project or from other developers' invitations. In addition, according to unconfirmed news, the New York City Police Department has submitted to Google. purchase intention. A New York law enforcement official said: "We have all signed up and got a few Google glasses, we have tried to wear them and see that they can be used for daily patrol work."

It is conceivable that in the future, when the police are performing tasks, they no longer need to hold a video recording device, but can directly take photos for photo taking and recording video after wearing Google glasses. In addition, through Google Glass, law enforcement officers can also take forensic shooting directly on certain permitted occasions, and are directly used as evidence in court.

In addition, through the networking function of Google Glass, when photos are taken, they can be easily shared with other members, and it is also convenient for real-time communication between police officers. In addition, in addition to the basic functions of Google Glass, a large number of third-party applications can also make full use of the functions in the police handling process to play a greater role.

However, it is still a problem that needs to be solved for the public to think about the police who patrol the case with Google glasses in the future. After all, this also involves the privacy of ordinary citizens. On the other hand, Google said it has not officially cooperated with the New York City Police Department, and the Google glasses purchased by the authorities are just ordinary beta products.

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