Early News|Guangdong Ganhua suspends LED investment in Deli Optoelectronics' operating profit loss in the first half of the year was 121.5769 million yuan

Countdown September 9 (this Friday) at 1 pm, the high-tech LED package special forum will stage a "package price surge" brainstorm in the Qingqing world.

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Guangdong Ganhua (000576) announced that the controlling shareholder comprehensively considered Deli Optoelectronics' operating losses, fierce competition in the industry and a decline in profit margins, and decided not to increase investment in the LED industry.

Previously, the promised investment LED size was not less than 1.5 billion yuan. At present, a total of about 800 million yuan has been invested, and ten epitaxial chip production lines have been officially put into production. In the first half of the year, LED operating profit loss was 121.56 million yuan.

hot news

1. In the second half of this year, a wave of incandescent lamps will be replaced.

According to the "China's roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps", the final point for implementation of the phase-out will be until September 30, 2016. Since October 1, it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts or more, or adjust them according to the results of the mid-term evaluation.

2, LED industry "schizophrenia": either big, or cross-border

Wanrun Technology (002654) announced that it plans to purchase a 100% stake in Vientiane New Action at a price of 560 million yuan. The new action of Vientiane is a mobile internet advertising company. The net profit for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 is not less than 40 million yuan, 52 million yuan, 67.6 million yuan and 77.74 million yuan respectively.

3, corporate standards, industry standards, national standards, who is more reliable

Recently, according to the industry standard revision plan, 37 "lighting industry performance test methods" and other 37 light industry standards have been completed. In order to further listen to the opinions of the community, the special announcement will be made. The deadline is October 7, 2016.

4, Konka communication is to do mobile phones, which means that the phone backlight has a chance

Ruifeng Optoelectronics (300241) announced that Dongguan Konka Electronics, a shareholder holding more than 5% of its shares, transferred part of its outstanding shares to Shenzhen Konka Communications, another wholly-owned subsidiary of Konka Group.

5, it is rare to see that it is no longer a price war, but to improve profitability

Taiwan media reported that the LED industry is coming in the peak season of the third quarter, and a large number of replenishment of inventory demand and quotation increase, the company's profitability. The price of some LED chips has risen by 10%, mainly due to the high threshold of high-power LED chip technology and relatively low market supply.

6, the small gap market broke out, re-growth machine

Guoxing Optoelectronics (002449) expanded its production of small-pitch LED packages twice this year. The market share of current production capacity is over 20%, second only to Taiwan Everlight. Last year, the company's small-pitch production value was about 250 million yuan, and this year's expansion will be 100%+. This year's small-pitch performance may double.

[High-tech Golden Globe Award]

For the bulb application, Hongli Zhihui has launched a ML COB series of light source products. Compared with the commonly used SMD light source modules on the market, ML COB has the technical advantages of high reliability, anti-vulcanization and process simplification.

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