Alert: China's LED output ranks first in the world

Alert: China's LED output ranks first in the world At 9:00 this morning, the 29th National Lighting Materials and LED Lighting Accessories Conference officially opened. In the morning, Chen Yansheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Association introduced the current status and development trend of the lighting industry. Vice President Chen Yansheng introduced 2012 LED lighting is the largest application of LED packaging, accounting for 23% of the industry, LED backlighting retreated to the second, accounting for 22%.

Mr. Peng Wanhua, Photovoltaic Device Branch of China Optical Association, introduced the specific situation of LED output value in each region, China Taiwan, 18%, China Mainland, 16%; Japan, 24%; Korea, 19.2%; Europe, 14.8%; United States, 7.9% . Globally engaged in LED epitaxial chips about 169 companies.

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