Guangding 2010 Q3 revenue is expected to increase by 30% in the quarter

LED Taiwan factory Guangding (6226) in the old LED street lamp standard, the new standard such as Nanjing, Shandong part of the LED standard note, it is estimated that 2010 LED revenue is expected to reach about 60 million yuan.

In 2009, Guangding won orders for LED streetlights in Lianyungang City and surrounding cities, as well as 600 street lamps in Guannan County, 5 million yuan lighting project and 100 street lamps in Ningbo, due to partial acceptance period of about 3 ~6 months, so Guangding 2010 Q3 from a single month LED street light revenue of 3,000 to 40 million yuan will be accounted for in batches, Q3 quarterly growth rate is expected to reach 30% level.

Guang Ding said that the Chinese market has accounted for 50% of Guangding's revenue. Guangding is expected to set up a lighting factory in Lianyungang Factory, from LED packaging to heat dissipation, power supply and so on, and cut into the Chinese LED lighting market.

Related stock price 2010/07/13 - 11:41 Guangding TWD 16.90 (+1.81%)