The alarm clock is thoroughly played with bad wood and floating balls to show time and seasons

[Abstract]Story is a well-designed and simple suspension wall clock. It not only displays time, but also simulates sunrise, sunset and moon phases. It makes the display time very detailed.

Tencent Wall Clock is not a new thing

Basically every family has

But actually

It can determine the taste of the entire home space

For example, English pastoral style

Vintage cuckoo wall clock or floor clock is suitable

The minimalist decoration style used in modern metropolis

You need a simple but not simple wall clock

For example, the Story wall clock

This is the Story wall clock

An oval board, a metal ball

Simple enough

But it's not easy

Because it is suspended

You can hang it on the wall

On the desktop

Even tilted at an angle of 60 degrees

Not only a tool for watching time

Still a very tasteful art ornament

Of course, the wall clock's job is to show the time

Story has also achieved interesting and refined products in this area, highlighting the attitude of life.

Just like its name, telling "story"

How does it do it?

The Story Wall Clock actually has three display modes

The first is the season

Select this mode

The clock is actually a reality for a whole year

Just like the spring, summer, fall and winter cycle

The metal ball rotates very slowly

The second mode is the usual 24 hours, which is the day

Built-in LCD screen will show the current time

The metal ball acts as the hour hand

Will rotate twice (12 hours display)

The last is the timing mode

You can connect Story clocks via your phone

Start custom countdown

In addition to simple design, floating ball pointer

Story wall clock also has backlight function

Supports moon phase display, sunrise and sunset simulation, temperature display, or custom functions

It is also very lifelike

Obviously, Story is not just a tool for checking time

It highlights a perceptual and detailed life attitude

The only downside is that Story's price is not cheap

399 US dollars (about 2736 yuan) is considered relatively petty bourgeoisie in the wall clock

Source: kickstarter

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