3D technology innovation breaks the performance of the performance industry

It is understood that in recent years, with the implementation of the domestic ban on luxury, the cost of stage art has been highly criticized. There have been reports in the media that a certain spring party evening host had a skirt worth 300,000 yuan, and the stage setting was tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan. It is also costly to hold a special concert. Many digital beauty devices cannot be modularized and standardized for repeated use, resulting in great waste.
“In commercial performances, the necessary digital dance input can attract more viewers and promote cultural consumption, and the digital dance input of commercial repertoire performances can often be used multiple times. Through a virtuous circle of business, culture can be promoted to some extent. Consumption. Therefore, commercial performances should be encouraged, Western theater models should be introduced, and performance and digital dance design should be eliminated. Digital dances should be diversified and invested in a variety of ways. Encourage thematic performances.” Vice President of China Academy of Performing Arts, China Li Wei, director of the Department of Stage Art at the School of Drama, said that a large part of the domestic performances was a festive party. The digital dance arrangement was one-off, causing a great waste. Cao Lin, a professor at the Chinese Opera Academy and president of the China Stage Art Society, also believes that the development of digital dance design to this day will inevitably lead to more and more non-physical imaging materials to replace the traditional digital beauty. One of its purposes is also to reduce the waste of materials produced.
“The use of lighting and projection instead of materials is the future.” The famous Czech stage designer Jos Svoboda’s prophecy in the early 1950s is being fully realized in the comprehensive creation of the stage. From a perspective, the charm of technology is increasingly showing the vitality of its creation, and it is increasingly becoming an indispensable partner of art creation.
“Small and sophisticated digital dance production, in fact, there is more room for development.” Senior digital dance beauty Tao Lei believes that “the market foundation is there, it depends on how the creativity is played.” There is data showing that after the Beijing Olympics and At the Shanghai World Expo, the scale of the performing arts equipment market is magnified. It is estimated that by 2015, China's performing arts equipment market will reach more than 220 billion yuan. The increasing number of performances and the more and more attention to the stage art culture consumption have provided the necessary digestive power for the market.
“In recent years, the performance market environment is not ideal. It is necessary for the producers to produce more products. If the performance party wants to reduce the cost, it will rely more on the technology of lighting and video that can be reused and conveniently transported. A lot of money is spent on setting and props, which means that money must be used in the blade.” Hong Wei, general manager of 3D Magic Stage Show “Kalma”, said: “From the international performance market, digital dance is the stage. The best integration of art and stage technology is an important aspect to promote the innovation of stage art. The integration of more and more modern high-tech digital dance production is to stimulate the influence of stage art, influence, and even the outbreak of innovative stage narrative. Point. The stage application of digital technology, intelligent technology and space technology will give birth to new stage performance forms and performance methods."

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