Cold chain industry agile development cold storage LED special lights need to strengthen promotion

Along with the rapid development of the cold chain industry, the supporting products around the cold storage are constantly being updated. Ordinary lighting is difficult to use normally in the cold and cold environment of the cold storage, so the cold storage LED special light came into being.

This emerging cold storage lamp has low energy consumption, high brightness, long life and no maintenance. However, due to the use of misunderstandings and consideration of price factors, it is still common to replace cold-storage LED lights with incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, explosion-proof lamps, and the like. As everyone knows, in addition to increasing energy consumption, this practice may also cause harm to food safety.

Status incandescent, energy saving lamps, explosion-proof lamps and other lighting <br> <br> for cold storage at low temperature cold storage humid environment, many conventional product is not working, general lighting in some ultra-low temperature of frozen bank and the quick-freezing environment It is easy to explode or damage. Before the appearance of the dedicated LED lights in the cold storage, the cold storage lighting used ordinary incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and a moisture-proof lampshade, or replaced with explosion-proof lamps.

Along with the development of the cold chain industry, the supporting products around the cold storage are also constantly improving. The LED lights for cold storage come into being. This new cold storage lamp has low energy consumption, high brightness, long life and no maintenance.

However, the use rate of LED lights for cold storage is not high. According to Zhao Zhengguo, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Henry Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhao Xiuguo, sales manager of Beijing Jingkelun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., among the users who contacted it, there are not many LED lamps used in cold storage, using incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and explosion-proof lamps. The replacement of cold storage lights by lights is very common.

This situation was also confirmed by Li Shijie, the internal trade manager of Shenzhen Owen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Center. "Many users are still using traditional incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps."

"The cold storage special LED lights have only appeared in recent years. Users who are not popular have used incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps in the high-temperature warehouse to add a moisture-proof lampshade." Xie Xiaoru, salesperson of Zhengzhou Jiahe Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. introduced this. The frequency of damage in the cold storage below -18 °C is quite high, even one day is bad, and there are some large cold storages with a height of more than ten meters. The incandescent and energy-saving lamps are not good, because the brightness is not enough, most users will Use explosion-proof lights.

Analysis of energy consumption and non-standard use, easy to produce safety problems in the prior <br> <br> dedicated LED lights appear cold, cold generally used ordinary incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp shade add moisture, ultra-low temperature refrigerator with explosion-proof lamps, is not Does it affect the use?

Li Shijie introduced that incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and other products generate a large amount of heat in a cold storage environment. The air compressor cooling will increase the power, it is easy to froth and damage, the life is short, and the replacement is frequent. The ordinary lamps are not a substitute for the cold storage. Lamps.

"Explosion-proof lamps will not explode, but the power is very large. High-temperature light sources such as explosion-proof lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, etc. are not suitable for use in food cold storage. The heat is too large, and it may be exposed to food for a long time. It will corrode food.” Xie Xiaoru said, and there will be frost or ice in the cold storage. The power supply may cause short circuit due to a large amount of frost or ice, which may cause food safety hazards.

In this case, why are there so many users who have not applied the cold storage dedicated LED lights, and what resistance does it have in its promotion work?

"Price is the main factor." Xie Xiaoru calculated this account, a 40-watt incandescent lamp only costs 1 yuan, with a moisture-proof lampshade is 30 to 40 dollars; a set of 6-watt LED cold storage lamp is 120 Block money.

In addition to the price factor, the user's awareness of the cold storage lights is limited, and it is considered that as long as the lighting effect is achieved, no more factors are considered.

LED lamp view for cold storage is the trend, the need to strengthen the promotion <br> <br> cold lamp is a representative of high-efficiency cold light illumination technology, new future direction cold source longevity, high color rendering. So, what are its characteristics and what is the future direction of development?

Xia Xingwei, general manager of Zhengzhou Jiahe Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. introduced: “The light source is often divided into a thermal light source and a cold light source from the principle of illumination. The current incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp and energy-saving lamp are basically heat sources, and the main energy consumption is in heat. Instead of light; LED light sources are different, the luminous efficiency is very high, and the lower the temperature, the better the luminescent properties."

Xie Xiaoru added, “high luminous efficiency, good adaptability to low temperature environment, long service life, and completely solved the stroboscopic problem of common traditional light sources. Therefore, from the big trend, LED has replaced traditional light source. It is unstoppable."

“The lamps for LED cold storage can be started instantaneously in the environment below -40°C. It does not need to be preheated like energy-saving lamps, saving energy and eliminating the need for manual maintenance. At present, our research and development and market for cold storage lamps have become more detailed. There are professional lamps for various specifications of cold storage, different power sizes and installation methods." Li Shijie said that LED is a typical environmentally friendly, healthy and cold storage lighting source with unlimited application prospects. It is currently the preferred alternative to traditional light sources. The trend of the times.

"The cold storage lamp will develop in the future with more low temperature resistance, high power integration and intelligent control, such as meeting the needs of low temperature ultra-low temperature storage, reducing costs, facilitating installation and maintenance, etc." Xia Xingwei also said that the company will strengthen its field in food processing. The promotion and promotion of the company will bring more convenience to users. At the same time, it is also hoped that relevant departments and associations will play an active role in guiding the market.

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