LED industry will welcome "big fish eat fish"

LED industry will welcome "big fish eat fish"

OFweek semiconductor lighting network news for its three-day 2014 China (Jiangmen) Green Light Expo concluded on the 21st, for the troubled LED industry, the current market situation in the end, Jiangmen's industrial development goals where, the future of industry development will have new the trend of?

It is understood that due to the industry's "high pull" phenomenon, resulting in excess capacity in the LED industry, and fierce competition will also allow the market will usher in the opportunity to quickly reshuffle, in the future is expected to have more small businesses out of the market. With the development of LED technology, in the future, the industry will no longer only focus on the traditional lighting field, but will develop towards plant lighting and Internet of things technologies.

Will usher in the "big fish eat fish" game

On October 19, at the "China Lighting Industry Upgrading Forum," famous financial person Ye Tan said in an address to LED industry entrepreneurs attending the forum that the LED industry will also usher in the era of mergers and acquisitions, and grow in it. .

Ye Tan said that the data she has learned shows that there were hundreds of companies in the country that had achieved mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations in the past year, and that the next few years will be a key year for mergers and acquisitions of Chinese companies.

Referring to the LED industry, Ye Tan believes that if companies want to develop, they cannot escape this economic phenomenon. Although there are many LED companies, they will surely usher in a fierce reshuffle. "Little Fish" game, I believe the future LED industry will also leave dozens of companies like Foxconn.

High-tech will be the development trend

In this light exhibition held in Jiangmen, some manufacturers have begun to display the latest cutting-edge technologies in the development of the LED industry, including the future use of LED lighting in plant lighting, and the "Lifi" network in the Internet of Things era.

It is understood that in addition to traditional lighting, the LED industry will also transition to new technologies in the future, including plant lighting. According to reports, at present, enterprises in Jiangmen have begun the application of this new technology, and they have begun to use plant lighting to grow rare medicinal materials in Yunnan.

According to reports, the sunlight is a colorful light, but different plants need different wavelengths of light. Many light is wasted, and plant lighting is based on the light waves that different plants most need, and the corresponding light is selected for irradiation to promote its growth. With the breakthrough of technology, plant lighting will be produced in the future and become a new development trend of LED lighting.

The "Lifi" network is another new area in the LED industry. "Lifi", also known as visible light communication, utilizes LED bulb lighting to transmit information. As long as the light is shining, there are Lifi signals for free Internet access. Lifi is the same as WiFi, but it is more convenient and faster than WiFi. As long as there are LED bulbs, it is equivalent to a router sending information.

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