Entrepreneur: artificial intelligence reading face under the Internet of Things

At the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, Eric Schmidt, executive director of Internet giant Google Inc., boldly predicted: "The Internet is about to disappear and the Internet of Things will be omnipotent."

Google, Apple, Samsung, Ali, Tencent, Huawei and other technology companies have realized the arrival of the Internet of Things era, are building their own exclusive ecosystem, allowing equipment manufacturers to develop products around their platforms.

A 6-year-old programmer, 13-year-old who became a member of the Microsoft Club, and 14-year-old became China's youngest software engineer with the ability to design and develop enterprise-level applications. Huang Dawei believes that these companies reversed the order of the Internet of Things. He asserted: "Ecosystems are used to support equipment. There should be equipment first, then ecosystems. Under the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) equipment!"

Huang Dawei, who was once designed, developed and applied for national development zones, municipal and provincial key projects, is 23 years old this year. The "AI reading face" developed by Haigui one year later is the first of its kind at home and abroad, subverting the current technology and business model of face recognition and self-developed "artificial intelligence cloud eye". Its millisecond-level advance warning and unique second-order delay transmission technologies are unique in the world.

The original "AI reading face" is the "ultimate algorithm" for all generations of "primary algorithms" for face recognition. After 2016, “Face recognition” will give way to “AI reading face”. Just like MS-DOS gives way to Macintosh and Windows, then give way to the web and smartphone. This is like creating a standard building module factory and creating an AI device, just like installing some software for every device today. Providing a technology infrastructure for thousands of devices, making it extremely easy for users to apply "AI reading faces" in various fields.

Will the Internet of Things be the next vent?

"AI reading face" is not limited by many people (N personal) face, its highest recognition rate for many people reaches 99.9826%; recognition speed reaches 3 milliseconds to 50 milliseconds; is not subject to hundreds of millions of massive data, partial occlusion (including Angle, light, illumination), mask (including sunglasses, sunglasses, coated sun visor), angle of face movement, ambient light, motion speed limit; independent of the degree of coordination and algorithm iterative upgrade limit; compatible with security monitoring front-end camera and so on Backend hardware devices and software.

"AI reading face" pre-warning, through wired, private network, wireless (LAN, 2, 3, 4, 5G network, etc.) to desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, mobile phone short messages and multimedia messages, etc., for pre-processing analysis .

Huang Dawei said: AI reading faces can make terrorists and suspects have nowhere to hide. In the next few years, its business model will reach the trillion-dollar market and be able to perform complex tasks that are hard to imagine. Standing on the Internet of Things is the AI ​​equipment of the ecosystem. The next great computing platform for humans will be AI.

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