Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to tour the “Extraordinary Employer” tour

Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to make a tour of “Extraordinary Employer”
On December 6th, Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to make a tour of “Extraordinary Employer” and talked about “Entrepreneurship”. He shared the most reliable Internet entrepreneurial project that Shiqiang had been working on for two years – the intelligent hardware innovation service platform .

Three entrepreneurships, 17 full-time marathons in four years , 22 years of global advanced electronic components distribution, the captain of the business school Gobitan Challenge champion team, these experiences show the persistence and team, and Mr. Xiao Qing can reach the current height. The important reason. He said: " Entrepreneurship is the persistence of impulsiveness. Entrepreneurship is a matter of the team rather than a personal matter. "
Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to make a tour of “Extraordinary Employer”

He did it. Since its establishment 22 years ago , Shiqiang has been focusing on intelligent hardware innovation services . It is the best electronic component distributor in China. The service basically covers all the hardware innovation fields in China, including Huawei, ZTE, BBK, Leibai, etc. Many famous trademarks. From the smart hardware field in China to the smart phones, wearables, and drones, to the industry 4.0, high-speed rail, aircraft, and defense radar, they are closely related to Shiqiang.

Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to make a tour of “Extraordinary Employer”

Mr. Xiao Qing said: " In the era of Internet + , traditional enterprises can only find a real way out through innovation. China's hardware innovation is there, but we think it is not enough. " So, he started his third venture and started. Create a brand new brand - SEKORM+ .
Mr. Xiao Qing, President of Shiqiang, was invited to make a tour of “Extraordinary Employer”
What is SEKORM+ and what are you doing? Mr. Xiao Qing is so to tell you: "SEKORM + vertical O2O project 2B, although positioned as 2B, 2C but in fact is a need to connect, to face China 50-100 million for hardware engineers, to train them to become hardware Great God, we Call it the intelligent hardware innovation service platform. We are going to use this platform to open up a hardware vertical service chain that we call “know, select, research, use” and use the resources accumulated by Shiqiang for many years to bring the most advanced things abroad. And technology brings to domestic companies to help hardware companies achieve more innovation. "

Mr. Xiao Qing pointed out that China's semiconductor components are a trillion-scale market and a market for professional segmentation services, which requires a high professional threshold. So, although the market is so big, BAT, including and other Internet big coffees are not here because it needs to be professional enough. Shiqiang, which has been focusing on intelligent hardware innovation services for 22 years, has a unique advantage in how to subvert this market.

Mr. Xiao Qing said: "Shiqiang not only has 22 years of accumulation in the traditional industry , but also has Internet genes." Many of the team members including Mr. Xiao Qing are from the Electronics University and Harbin Institute of Technology, all have software. And the Internet background, so there is no shortage of Internet genes.

Mr. Xiao Qing said: "In the January 11 Japan single section, Shiqiang intelligent hardware platform for innovative services -" Steptoe element electricity supplier "APP and WEB end, will be formally launched at the same time will be sent to one thousand hardware engineers Marriott's ceremony." It seems that there are big events in the electronic circle. Xiaobian I am ready, what about you?

About Shiqiang <br> Shiqiang Advanced was established in 1993 and includes Anwara, Renesas Electronics, Silicon Labs, Rogers, Melexis, Infineon, Acam, Alliance, Micrel, Littelfuse, NEMICON, EMC & RF Labs, EPSON, Cpyress, Vincotech, SMI, Ricoh Microelectronics, Keysight and other world-renowned semiconductor companies and test and measurement instrument companies are important distributors in Greater China, and are also important suppliers of many electronic manufacturing and R&D companies. In addition to covering the traditional industrial, communications, consumer and automotive electronics sectors, the business is bringing more cutting-edge technologies and innovative products to the emerging markets of Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, Wearables, and Smart Mobile Devices.

As a technology-driven distribution company, Shiqiang also has a mature technical support team and system service processes to provide customers with new product introduction, rapid sample, application consulting, solution and software design, development environment, after-sales and logistics. Professional services. In 2014, Shiqiang had annual sales of US$232 million and has 17 branches and offices throughout the country, with nearly 500 employees.

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