Beiguo Electric Appliances 51 heat consumption energy-saving smart appliances become a bright spot

With the approach of the May Day holiday, the provincial capital Shijiazhuang home appliance market warmed up in advance. Various home appliance merchants have launched various promotional activities, vying for high-tech products, rushing to the market during the May 1st season, and quickly setting off a price war in the home appliance market. Many citizens began to choose the wrong peak consumption.

It was learned from Beiguo Electric that Beiguo Electric Appliances, based on the 6th Anniversary of the New Hundred Stores in April, built April as a “store celebration month” and opened the May Day promotion on April 21st. As of May 1, Beiguo Electric's sales exceeded 150 million yuan, and the sales of 9 major stores in the urban area increased by 22% year-on-year. Among them, air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators and digital sales ranked in the top four. 3C products are still strong, and high-end home appliances are still affected. Favored, 38,000 yuan - a large package between 80,000 yuan accounted for an increase of 55%, energy-saving, intelligent and other new home appliances have become consumers' favorite home appliances.

Market early night consumption pull is still strong

From April 27th to May 1st, Beiguo Electric has teamed up from the flagship stores such as Beiguo Head Office and Xinbai Home Appliances City to Yidongdian and Yiyoudian, and they have teamed up with TV stations and print media. The Internet and other media comprehensively launched the night group group purchase activities. The North China Head Office and Shijiazhuang Radio and TV Station on April 27th TV group purchase will delay the business hours until 2 am the next day. It can be seen that consumers are expecting the expectations of the night market group purchase. On April 27th, the group purchases of TVs in the North China Headquarters accounted for 79% of the total. On April 28th, Beiguo Electric Xinbaidian and the newspapers purchased nearly 10 million in the night market. On April 29, the group purchase night in Beiguo Electric Yidong Store Consumption accounted for 66%, showing the strong driving force of night market consumption.

The relevant person in charge of Beiguo Electric believes that night group buying is still an indispensable marketing model for home appliance industry. Through the night market, special offers, discounts, package purchases and other concessions are available, especially for well-known hosts who bargain on the spot. The zero-distance contact with the favorite host on the screen can be said to provide consumers with spiritual pleasure. At the same time, in the night group group purchase activities, the first time delivery, unprecedented strength, exclusive low price, etc. Become one of the factors that consumers love.

Li Hong, a citizen, said: "The main reason is that the current business is not like the previous ones. It is more concentrated in the May Day activities. It is more appropriate to do this price in the night, a few days in advance, so let’s take a look at it in advance to avoid the May 1 traffic. More, avoiding crowding is to say."

Energy-saving, smart new home appliances become the 51st fire and the commanding heights

At the same time, in the stores and brand manufacturers, many brand home appliance manufacturers have also launched high-tech innovative products to attract consumers' attention. Network smart TV, LED TV, 3D naked-eye TV, Internet of Things air conditioners, refrigerators and many other high-tech new home appliances have become a highlight of this year's five electric market sales. Through the comparison of sales data of Beiguo Electric Appliances, the proportion of new home appliances such as energy-saving and smart products during the May 1st period reached over 89%, and the increase of 3D TV reached 66%, which was basically concentrated between 42 inches and 55 inches. The 55-inch ultra-large size consumption in TV is outstanding. The consumption of 10 units between 70,000 yuan and 60,000 yuan is more than 70 meters. The Sharp 80-inch color TV sold 2 units in only 3 days. Among the ice-washing products, three-door refrigerators, 0-degree temperature-controlled refrigerators, and energy-saving refrigerators account for 33% of sales. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, these high-end home appliances are increasingly favored by the public. Entering people's daily lives.

The relevant person in charge of Beiguo Electric said, “In the May Day of this year, consumers’ individual needs are highlighted, and time-saving, labor-saving, healthy and environmentally-friendly home appliances attract more consumer attention. In the current color TV, high-end models are more Compared with the same period last year, the sales volume can almost double."

Air conditioners, refrigerators, mobile phones, and photo cameras have become the winners of May Day Consumers.

As the weather gets hotter, air-conditioner brands such as Gree, Midea, Haier, Hisense, Oaks, Samsung, etc. have all set their sights on the May 1 market, laying a good foundation for summer consumption. 6.8 fold, 6.7 fold, set-up gifts and other powerful promotional activities, so that consumers compete to buy. It was learned from Beiguo Electric Appliance that during the May 1st period, the market share of Gree, Midea and Haier reached more than 60%, of which more than 2 sets were purchased; while the increase of mobile phones reached 400%, and the increase of photos was 30%. The digital increase reached 39%, and the demand for consumers to update and upgrade their fashion mobile phones and photo products led to an increase in sales response.

May 1 holiday high-end complete sets of appliances are greatly favored

From Beiguo Electric North Country Headquarters, Xinbai Household Appliances City, and Xiantianxia TOP Boutique Store, it was learned that during the May Day period, the one-time purchase of household appliances increased by 55% from 38,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, 6-7 air conditioners. The proportion of purchases of 4 TVs and 2-5 refrigerators shows strong consumption power. Among them, there are more than four new items, such as weddings, new homes, and color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. In addition, kitchen appliances such as water heaters, range hoods, cookers, sterilizers, microwave ovens, etc., have become the theme of consumer products, while Beiguo Electric has directly promoted the purchase activities, and sent the Beiren Group’s universal card to promote the promotion. Passion for consumption.

From the statistics of North China's electrical sales, the purchase of home appliances accounted for 70% of the consumption ratio, the growth of one-time large single consumption, showing the potential of market consumption.

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