Water purification industry: to achieve two-leg walking service to keep up

As the saying goes, "people take food first, eat water first." With the continuous improvement of consumers' health awareness, drinking water safety issues have gradually attracted people's attention, and related water purification products have also begun to enter millions of households, becoming indispensable home appliances for the people.

However, with the continuous expansion of the water purification market, the related after-sales service issues have also been increasingly concerned by the industry. On the one hand, a large number of companies are flooding into the water purification industry and “gold rushes”, resulting in mixed pros and cons and lack of after-sales services. On the other hand, some leading companies have taken the lead in implementing the “two-leg” technology and service strategy to further promote clean water. Industry standardization of after-sales service system. As one enters and one enters, a change in the industry triggered by after-sales services is in demand.

The rapid development of water purification industry after-sales service into a short board With the development of social economy, people's demand for healthy drinking water continues to increase, water purifiers came into being. It is understood that as early as the 1980s, the market penetration of water purifiers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has reached more than 75%.

Although China's water purification industry started relatively late, it has developed rapidly in recent years. According to relevant statistics, China's water purification market has maintained a growth rate of 30% to 50% with a penetration rate of less than 1%. Therefore, some people also regarded the water purification industry as a new "gold mine" with great development potential. Some experts predict that: “With a population of 1.3 billion people and about 400 million households, if there is a quarter of households that install water purifiers, the demand for water purifiers will be 100 million units, if calculated at 1,000 yuan per unit. The market size of China's water purifiers will reach 100 billion yuan."

Such a huge market cake naturally attracts many “gold diggers”, but these enterprises are uneven in terms of scale, capital, technology, and service quality. Some of these small businesses are limited by their own strengths, and not only the quality of the products is difficult to guarantee. But also there are different degrees of service is not in place and so on. In this regard, industry experts said: General household electrical appliances, manufacturers often focus on pre-sale work, but only after the failure involved in the after-sales service. The water purification product is different, it is a product directly related to consumers' drinking water, so its after-sales service is particularly important.

Active care to achieve "two legs" The good news is that at present, some well-known water purifier companies have begun to create a high level of after-sales service, and gradually start from the "manufacturing" to "manufacturing service" type of change. For example, Gion has launched a "360-degree full service system" to achieve a zero-distance connection between services and consumers nationwide through channel advantages.

It is worth mentioning that GUANYUAN has also successfully introduced the CRM client system to establish detailed electronic files for each user from the date of purchase. On this basis, companies can code, purchase and install each product. Detailed records such as details of use, maintenance records, service evaluation, filter replacement, etc. are used for project-based recording to ensure that users can receive timely and thoughtful after-sales services.

“To develop the water appliance industry, we must not only pay attention to the progress of technology, but also have to match the quality of after-sales service. Consumers will only be interested in products if they can enjoy excellent products and services at the same time.” The status quo of after-sales service in the water purification industry, home appliance industry people expressed their own views: "Businesses do not pay attention to after-sales service, not only lost their reputation, but also have a negative impact on the progress of the industry. Therefore, the service will also be good It is a necessary condition for expanding the water purification market and achieving sustainable development."

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